Monitoring Heart Rates

March 19, 2014

Since we started training two years ago we have been monitoring the heart rates and speeds that our horses are working at. As time has gone on we’ve upgraded the systems we use and recently took on a new system that is manufactured by Equinity. Yesterday morning we were taking part in some trials of the next generation of that system. The are going to be two main benefits of the new system. Firstly the data is provided to a tablet in real time which means that the data can be instantly correlated with the horses appearance and attitude. Secondly the system will monitor the stride rate and stride length of the horse. Its still very much in the testing stage but will be another useful tool in our arsenal in time.

We collect a lot of data and some of it provides an interesting insight into how a horse is coping with its workload. This is the main thing we use the data for in terms of monitoring them as it allows us to tailor a program that suits each horse. Its also been a useful tool for evaluating the impact that different gallops have on horse and allowing us to develop a good program for the horses since moving to Lambourn.