Our Approach to Training Winners

We work together with you to achieve your ambitions of winning. Every horse is unique, so we develop them as individuals, patiently, kindly and paying attention to the small details that matter. Your horse will be surrounded by high quality people and facilities at Sarsen Farm. Modern training techniques and analytical thinking are combined with a high standard of traditional horsemanship that mean we can bring your horse to its peak on race day.


Our team of exceptional horsemen and women dedicate themselves to the love and care of all the horses at Sarsen Farm.

For your horse to reach its potential every little detail matters, from the outlook of their spacious stables to daily turnout. We devote ourselves to ensuring every horse is happy and relaxed, reading the subtle signs they give so we can provide the best possible environment for them to thrive.

From great riders to individualised regimes to high levels of hygiene. Horsemanship is unlocking the key to your horse’s talent.

Team Work

Working together as a team at Sarsen Farm is fundamental to your enjoyment and success. Great people make great horses. Experienced horsemen and women work with your horse on a day to day basis, their feedback combined with data analysis from training sessions are integral to your horses development.

Developing our team of horsemen and women is key to our philosophy.  We pride ourselves on offering one of the leading working environments for our team in the industry, from high quality accommodation, an excellent work life balance to training and development. We were the winners of the Lycetts Team Champion Award in 2020 having been shortlisted in 2019. We were runners up in 2021 & 2022, the industry awards recognise the best training yards in the country for management and team ethos.

As well as receiving top quality care from our team, every horse is checked on a weekly basis by our veterinary team at Baker McVeigh, led by Jess Dicks. We also have a global network of the leading racehorse veterinarians to call upon should the need arise.  Our experienced blacksmith Steve Boddy has nailed the shoes to three Derby winners and learned his trade together with the legendary trainer Dick Hern. Veterinary Physiotherapist Stephanie Brighton who works together with the British Three Day Event team assists in keeping your horse in optimum condition.

Daniel discusses how he and Claire use data and analytics to inform their training decisions on Luck on Sunday


Claire and Daniel both have a strong scientific background. Claire has a Masters degree in Physiology from Cambridge University. Daniel delivers guest lectures at the Royal Agricultural University in Genetics and Exercise Physiology.

This background allows us to draw on an array of evidence based research to inform our methods. Data including heart rate frequency, stride length, stride cadence and genotyping all help us understand each individual. Analysis of this data is key developing your horse into a winner.

“Dan and Claire Kübler are two of the most progressive young trainers in the UK today. They have an excellent eye for purchasing young horses, a modern, scientific approach to training and their standard of communication is excellent. Their yard is state of the art, the location is beautiful, and calm pervades it all.  The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and always make me feel at home when I visit my horses. My horses are calm, in good spirits and looked after to a high standard. 

Most of all, I enjoy the intellectual stimulation of working with the Küblers. If you are going to be an owner, it had better be stimulating and it has got to be fun.  That’s how I find it at Kübler Racing. It’s hard to imagine working with another trainer”

Mark Ebert Phd

If you would like to learn more about our approach to training winners, we would love to chat to you.