Best of Luck Lauren Webb

So today is the day, this evening between 6.30 & 8.00pm live on Racing UK the results of the Stud and Stable Staff Awards will be announced. We are very proud that Lauren Webb has made the final three in the leadership category. She would be a thoroughly deserving winner.

Lauren has worked hard at developing her leadership style and skills at Kubler Racing in her role as yard manager. An outstanding horsewoman, with a quiet empathy with the animals in her care she brings the same approach to managing the team here. She sets the tone for the team, leading by example. As is so often the case actions speak louder than words. Inspiring the team to greater levels of horsemanship improves the quality of life for all the horses at Sarsen Farm.

She proactively develops those around and has completed qualifications in leadership through the Chartered Management Institute, trained as a rider coach, gaining her Level 1 coaching qualification and is shortly to embark on Level 2. She has also undertaken the National Association of Racing Staff Mentorship training program. The skills learned have empowered the team around her as she has given the skills to improve their horsemanship, be that as part of their more formal learning or informally. “Lessons with Lozza” are very much part of life here at Sarsen Farm. From technical skill personal confidence grows.

Leadership for Lauren doesn’t stop at inspiring and empowering those in the work place, she supports her colleagues with issues beyond work. Beyond the work place she also puts back into the racing community through her role as a National Association of Racing Staff representative on the local committee and fundraising for Racing Welfare.

This evening is a celebration of great people in this industry and all of them deserve credit and recognition, we all want to win, but for once there genuinely are no losers – the people who will be on show this evening are all winners. They are all people who make this sport a better place.

Best of luck Lauren

Daniel & Claire