Bloodstock Services

Daniel and Claire work together with you to find horses that have a chance of achieving your ambitions. The couple attend most major bloodstock sales in Britain and Ireland. They are able to go further afield upon request. They tend to focus on sales where horses are sold as racing prospects, although their extensive experience means they are well placed to advise in more general bloodstock matters.

“Crowd Racing have now been involved in 3 horses with the team at Sarsen Farm and look forward to many more. 

Daniel and Claire are a very good team and excel at the whole lifespan of training a racehorse. 

They have a very good eye at identifying prospects from the sales catalogues, excel at race planning and display the highest levels of skill and integrity at all times.”

Craig McKenna – Crowd Racing Syndicate Manager

Tattersalls Guineas Breeze Up & Horses in Training Sale Sale 26th – 28th April

Arqana Breeze Up Sale 12 – 13th of May

Ascot Horses in Training Sale 31st of May

Tattersalls July Sale 5th – 8th July

A rigorous approach

For Daniel and Claire finding winners takes dedication and focus. It starts with narrowing down the selection of horses they will view by analysing a clients aims creating a list of horses that meet those criteria.

Once at a sale Daniel and Claire split the list of potential horses and view them all. They then swap their lists of the more likely winners to create a shortlist and carry out a more thorough inspection of each horse.

A final inspection of each horse that survives this rigorous selection process is carried out. Working closely with vets and developing good relationships with those selling the horses, this gives you every chance of success.

Yearling Sales

Daniel and Claire’s preferred stage to buy a horse.

The huge diversity of yearlings offered means that something can be found for everyone. The strength of Daniel and Claire’s structured and analytical approach really comes into its own as there are so many horses to assess at the bigger yearling sales. Many trainers delegate the early stages of selection to bloodstock agents. This means that several trainers receive the same shortlists, increasing competition on these horses and leaving opportunities elsewhere. Due to time constraints many agents look at fewer horses or use less experienced assistants to do some of the research. Daniel and Claire are on hand to guide and advise you on their structured and analytical approach to purchase the highest quality yearlings.

The early training of a young horse is important and owning a horse from the earliest phase of its career gives you control from day one.

Horses in Training Sales

For many reasons horses are sold at various stages of their racing career. There are less risks involved purchasing a horse that has already run as its level of ability is more obvious. The potential of the horse is normally more limited, albeit diamonds can be found in the rough with thorough analysis of the form. There is often good value to be had in this market.

Although we do not buy many horses in this market at present we would recommend it to potential clients, particularly those who were looking to own a horse outright for the first time. We would recommend working with Sam Haggas who has an excellent knowledge of the form for this type of sale.

Breeze Up Sales

The aim of the breeze up consignor is to produce a horse that is ready to start its racing career. Each horse does a short piece of fast work which allows the potential buyer to view the horse being ridden at speed and analyse the horse.

The advantage of this type of sale is that the horse has done more training and the time to the first race should be much shorter then buying a yearling. The other main advantage is one has more clues as to a horses’ potential before purchase.

The challenge at this type of sale is that best prospects are more obvious making acquiring them challenging. There is also a risk due to the fact that the horse has to be ready for a particular day. This can mean the horse has been pushed harder in training then it would have been had it been prepared in training.

It is also helpful to work as a team at the Breeze Up sales as there are lots of factors to assess. We often team up with old friend Ed Sackville. Ed is a very successful bloodstock agent who introduced Dan and Claire to each other.

Mating Advice

Daniel and Claire work closely with a number of owner breeders and understand the different aims a breeder may have. This allows them to advise on matings. They have good insight into the market as buyers. Having viewed large numbers of horses at sales, this allows them make suggestions on progeny of certain stallions.

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