Daniel and Claire enjoy working together with and training for breeders. Having grown up on a successful stud Claire has extensive experience and knowledge of developing young stock. We understand that working with a breeder is about nurturing an entire family.

As a breeder you may have different reasons and ambitions for training a particular horse. Whether your aims are commercial, pure enjoyment, or some combination of the two, Daniel and Claire will work together with you and analyse how to add value to your family.

Some breeders may have the ability to take horses for rest periods and even pre-training at home, which is inevitably more cost effective. We very much view developing a horse as a team effort. We understand that breeders have knowledge of the unique traits of families that give them a real insight into how to get the best from a particular horse. One of the great traits of horsemanship is the ability to constantly learn and share with others.

We are more than happy to visit you and view your horses on the farm to discuss together.

“I have had horses with Dan and Claire since they were at Whitsbury, and I have always been impressed by their great attention to detail and the fact that they adapt their training methods to suit the needs of each individual horse. The facilities at Sarsen Farm are superb and have been designed to help maximise the potential of each horse in their care”

Fiona Denniff,
Thoroughbred Breeders Association Flat Committee Member,
European Breeders Fund Trustee