Details of Red Yarn Partnership, Cobbs Quay entries

A wet miserable week that has had everyone working hard to keep things going in the yard at least means there will be plenty of the needed soft ground for Cobbs Quay who should make his belated debut for us this week, exactly where is in the lap of the rain gods still at this stage but ten furlongs at Leicester or Folkestone look to be the best options at this stage. In time he may well be better suited by a mile and half plus but with the going likely to be very testing and it being his first start of the year it is probably best to start off over shorter and build towards tougher tests in the future.

Red Yarn the most recent recruit to the yard, a well handicapped mare is available in 25% shares, at just £450 each. The costs of training can then be met in one of three ways; a one off all in payment of £2,900, monthly payments of £450 to cover all expenses or paying our standard training fees and your share of any expenses that arise.

Danielle keeping dry lunging Lalinde earlier this week.