With Sarsen Farm’s high quality facilities nestled right in the heart of the small, peaceful village of Upper Lambourn, your horse has direct safe access to the training grounds. Lambourn has benefited from significant investment to develop the training grounds into top quality facilities by The Jockey Club over the last decade.

Set in the Berkshire downs with a range of varied gradients, there are a diverse selection of excellent turf and all weather gallops with a range of surfaces. All set in an extensive area of over 500 acres, these first class facilities in Lambourn are a centre of excellence for training thoroughbreds. There is space and tranquility, meaning horses are not rushed and can enjoy their exercise in peaceful surroundings. We are able to analyse your horse, allowing us to tailor a program to develop them for you according to their specific needs and your ambitions.

The stunning views of the valley of the racehorse, all set in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, make it a pleasure to watch your horse together with you as it develops.