Performance Monitoring

EquinITy is a leading horse welfare, training and yard management tool. It was developed “in the yard” in response to a racehorse trainers’ desire to assess and monitor their horses’ welfare and fitness using an intuitive, non-invasive and cost-effective system. The system uses continuous heart rate monitoring to provide an early indicator of potential health deterioration, and also determine heart rate recovery time. This is a vital indication of a horse’s fitness. It also contains accurate gps units and stride length monitoring allowing more accurate and detailed information to monitor your horse’s progress.

Having all of this vital information to analsye, combined with observations made daily on the gallops, it give an edge to ensuring each horse is in peak physical condition come race day and in good health throughout its training programmes.

Daniel and Claire’s expert horsemanship is complemented by the powerful information generated by equinITy’s performance monitoring system.