Kübler Racing Short Listed For Team Champion Award

Kübler Racing Short Listed For Team Champion Award
The Team!

We are delighted that the team have been nominated for the Lycetts Team Champion Award. The scheme celebrates racing yards that develop a strong team ethos through high standards of staff management.

Claire and Daniel believe strongly that to develop horses to achieve their potential requires people to achieve theirs. The duo have taken a number of innovative steps to developing the team.

A key focus has been in providing an excellent work life balance for the team. Analysis of feedback from the team indicates it is critical to their ongoing commitment to Kübler Racing. Furthermore, the couple’s commitment to better conditions across the industry was integral in negotiations between the National Trainers Association and National Association of Racing Staff. The discussions led to a new framework that allows innovative trainers to follow Daniel and Claire in adopting more flexible staffing patterns.

A good work-life balance allows Travelling Manager Shaun Johnson to pursue other interests such as his band “Uncovered”

Development of skills from riding to management training, ensures the team continually improves. Working with the team to identify training opportunities is part of an appraisal system that happens both formally and informally. More experienced staff mentor younger members to develop their horsemanship.

Andy William’s receiving coaching to improve his work riding

The finest horsemanship is about constant development and learning, it happens when people love their time with animals, are committed and happy with life. The patience required needs a relaxed un-pressured mind set. As the old horseman’s adage goes;

“happy people means happy horses”.