Lambourn Open Day

Lambourn Open Day

On Good Friday (April 14th) it is the annual Lambourn Open Day, this year to be named in honour of one of Lambourn’s finest runners in recent times, the valiant Grand National Winner Many Clouds. A fantastic opportunity to see all the yards in the village.

We will be opening the yard at 8.30am and holding a number of talks and demonstrations throughout the morning. There are then a range of events and stalls in the village to enjoy during the afternoon.
8.30 Performance Monitoring 
Daniel explains how he and Claire use the latest technology to assist training their horses and demonstrate the use of Equinity a GPS tracking device that monitors both Heart Rates and Stride Length.

9.15 Living the Dream – An introduction to ownership

Steve Bedworth of Ontoawinner discusses what its like owning a share in a champion and all the ins and outs of owning a racehorse.

10.00 Chiropractor Demonstration and Basic Anatomy

Nicole Rosse Equine Chiropractor gives a demonstration of how she treats horses and explains the principles of looking after the equine athlete

10.45 The Role of The Vet
Jess Dicks of Baker & McVeigh Lambourn talks about her role as a racing vet and how she works closely with trainers to get the best out of the athletes during tough and rigorous training and racing campaigns. 

11.30 Buying Yearlings – Finding Young Racehorses at the Sales
Daniel and Claire explain how they find young horses at the sales and the rigorous methods they employ to find winners.

We look forward to seeing you on the day.