Moment of reflection on a busy week

Jen who works for us put together this lovely video that captures some of the moments that encapsulate why we love what we do. Nice to take a calm moment after a hectic week that saw all sorts of emotions unravel.

There was the successful sale of three of our winners from this year, Karnage, Silhouette and Zippy. Many thanks to their owners for their support and we hope they gave you as much pleasure as they gave us. Always sad to say goodbye, each horse has its own character and story.

There was a controversial defeat of Outrage at Chelmsford, in an incident that brings into question the lengths that are deemed acceptable to win races by many jockeys. Fortunately the horse came out fine and will have his day soon. There was a most encouraging run from Solent Meads at Newcastle finishing a strongly staying on third, he looks another with a win just around the corner.

This morning brought one of the most exciting moments in any yard, a big wagon turning up and the first batch of six yearlings clambering down the ramp ready to begin the transition to winning racehorses. For more information on how you can become more involved in their stories check out the for sale page.