There are few things more thrilling in life then watching your horse run.

Racehorse ownership is real excitement, fabulous days out, creating special memories and sharing those experiences together with friends and family…

Whilst winning is always the main aim, there is a whole lot more to the experience and everyone will enjoy different aspects of ownership. For some its the interaction at Sarsen Farm with your horse. For others it will be tracking the development, watching exciting gallops out on the downs. Understanding the in depth analysis that Daniel and Claire are able to provide will appeal to others. For some it is the social opportunities, both at the races and at Sarsen Farm. Racehorse ownership offers different experiences to everyone.

There are a few ways you can own a racehorse. At Sarsen Farm we offer two types of ownership, sole ownership and partnerships (often referred to as syndicates). You can purchase a horse to run in your name, or with some friends or even a company. Daniel and Claire can assist you in finding the perfect horse. You can also own a share in a racehorse, you’ll purchase your share and then pay a monthly fee to meet the costs of training and racing your racehorse. We have three different partnerships the Diskovery Partnership offer 5% shares, Innovate Racing offers 12.5% shares and the more exclusive Capture the Moment offers 25% shares.

What can you expect?

Great days at the races, you can’t win every time but you can always enjoy the day!

You are welcome to visit your horse at Sarsen Farm whenever you wish. We want you to enjoy the experience, the fun and challenge of the build up. We’ll share lots of details and plenty of pictures and videos of your horse and we will discuss plans and keep you fully involved.

Winning Photo York

There are some great ownership opportunities at Sarsen Farm right now.

    Buick Meeting Owners

    How can you get the winning feeling?

    Ownership is within reach of everyone and you can find out more about different opportunities below and the benefits each brings.

    We are always happy to talk to you and explain the process of getting involved, its You can get involved at any level, we have a range of partnerships to suit every pocket from 5-25% shares available from as little as £125 a month or perhaps you’d like to join us at the sales searching for a horse of your very own. Perhaps you are an owner breeder looking for someone to develop your family. We want to work with you so that you get plenty of enjoyment and satisfaction from your horse. If you’d like to discuss training fees please give Daniel a call on 07984 287254.

    Trinity River Win

    If you’d like to learn more about racehorse ownership. The Racehorse Owners Association has a vast array of resources should you be after more information about the finer details of racehorse ownership. The for sale page has some great opportunities currently available at Sarsen Farm